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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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facing the realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will. hear this story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. killing and maiming children in the war in yemen the united nations criticizes both the saudi led coalition and who the rebels.
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hello i'm down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. to cheers and jay is some national police and two of spain's biggest banks pull out of barcelona. we must not allow iran to attain to obtain nuclear weapons president trump gives his strongest him yet that the u.s. will drop its support of the iran nuclear deal plus. i'm daniel why i am very important where with the real draw of the united nations stabilisation force patients are asking what next. they are not a nation's annual report on children and conflict strongly criticized both sides in the war in yemen it accuses the saudi led coalition and who the rebels of killing
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and maiming children in the conflict at the same time the report admits the coalition has taken action to improve child protection mike hanna has more from the u.n. . the report focuses on children in conflict across the globe in countries ranging from afghanistan to colombia to syria mali myanmar and more the list itself showing how widespread the problem is of children caught up in or recruited to armed action there were three thousand five hundred twelve child casualties in afghanistan alone the highest recorded in one country and in yemen a total of one thousand three hundred and forty child casualties were recorded of which the report says the saudi led military coalition was responsible for six hundred and eighty three in addition the coalition is held accountable for the destruction of a large number of schools and hospitals. the saudi led coalition was originally named in the two thousand and thirteen blacklist as well but was controversially
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removed by the then secretary general ban ki moon pending a review that was never completed u.n. aids confirmed this happened after the saudi government had threatened to withdraw its funding to the united nations we are told the current secretary general carefully vetted personally and endorsers this report this year there's a change in the format of the report and next one the blacklist which contains the names of the perpetrators has been divided into two sections section eight contains the names of nations and non-state actors guilty of acts against children but those that have been subsequently found to have attempted to improve the protection of children during the reporting period have been moved into section b. the saudi led military coalition is in this category along with the afghan national police and the somali national army this may not be enough to avert what is likely to be strong protest from the saudi government in coming hours. mike hanna
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al-jazeera united nations now to spain's biggest political crisis in decades the country's top court has suspended a session of the regional parliament in catalonia local leaders were planning to declare secession during monday's sitting the speaker of catalonia parliament says the central government in madrid has put freedom of expression in danger. this is an act of extreme seriousness because it caused the freedom of expression of members of catalonia parliament the total capacity of the spanish government to result in political problems in the political way we repeat what we've always said that we will not allow the parliament to be. headquarters. to move. in the.
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i find it plain that economic impact would temporary. u.s. president donald trump has again the accused iran of not living up to the spirit of the twenty fifty nuclear deal the trumpet ministrations expected to decertify the agreement next week saying it's not in the national interest of the u.s. trump met military leaders at the white house to discuss the deal we must not allow iran to obtain to obtain nuclear weapons the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence bloodshed and chaos across the middle east
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that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement out of there was political hay and has more now from washington d.c. . just saw twenty four hours ago secretary of defense jim maddest tell the u.s. congress that he thinks that it's in the u.s. national security interest to stay in the iran deal and at the time that many people thought he was speaking to an audience of one president donald trump but if you really look back in now with this reporting that president may have found what he sees as a loophole where he can decertify but the not push congress to reimpose sanctions there is by satisfying his base mattis is a key voice he is respected on capitol hill and you're starting to see some republicans especially within the leadership say basically it will quote they uses the toothpaste is always an overt out of the bottle the money has been given to iran the sanctions have been lifted if they were to reimpose sanction they know the
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allies would blame them for and walked away from the nuclear deal and it's not at all clear that the allies would follow suit and which would mean the same sions were somewhat toothless so it's not confirmed that the republicans will go along but it's also important to point out whenever things go in the congress anything could happen lobbying matters so you will be faced with a choice between the pro israeli government lobby and all of the allies and other countries like china and russia who said we signed this deal we're not renegotiating so there will be pressure on congress not to mention the fact that the trump administration cannot point to any evidence that iran is it living up to their part of the deal the i.a.e.a. has said they're in one hundred percent compliance to get around that the trump administration keeps saying but the agreement said that iran would and this is important they say quote the deal they said positively contribute to regional and international peace and security the deal does the agreement doesn't say that it doesn't say iran will contribute it says the agreement will contribute they can't
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quite square that peg when you ask them about it so there might have a shaky argument but if they do this that it goes to congress to decide if they scuttle the deal at least from a u.s. perspective. iraqi forces have captured the town of how we german and the surrounding area this was isilon stronghold in northern iraq the military says some fighting still going on to the north and east of the town where i still is now surrounded troops were greeted by jubilant villages in that six kilometers northwest of the town where the capture of who each of the only here that remains under i still control is a stretch along the western border with syria turkey says it's considering a blockade of iraq's kurdish region by closing its airspace and borders after the kurdish secession of the last week turkey's president richard type erdogan has also said he'll decide with iran and iraq central government on whether to cut oil imports from the iraqi kurds zero to one as in the raid in capital tehran on wednesday where he discussed the kurdish vote with iran's leaders both countries
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have large ethnic kurdish populations meanwhile france's president has offered to mediate between iraq central government and kurdish leaders he made the offer after talks visiting the iraqi prime minister body the need for on iraq we are particularly interested in the stability of iraq in the upcoming weeks and months we hope very much that there will be dialogue that is respectful of the integrity of iraq and we would also like to advocate that in the framework of the constitution a recognition of the kurds should take place there is a long path to go towards political inclusion but it must also make sure that the constitution is respected hundreds of people have gathered in las vegas to remember a police officer who was killed in sunday's shooting at a country music festival thirty four year old charleston hard field was off duty during the incident he was among the fifty eight victims of gunman stephen paddock it was the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. meanwhile the u.s. his most powerful gun lobby the national rifle association wants to restrict the
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use of the device which allows semiautomatic weapons to file automatically some of the rifles used by gunman stephen had been modified with the device and a gallica has more from las vegas. for years the republican party in the powerful national rifle association or and already resisted any calls for gun control in president donald trump they have a staunch supporter of the right to bear arms something he made clear in april you caved through for me and i am going to come through for you i'm also proud to be the first sitting president to address the n.r.a. leadership forum since our wonderful ronald reagan in ninety eight. but in the wake of sunday's mass shooting in which stephen product killed fifty eight people the n.r.a. has called for a change and republicans say that open to talks at issue is the use of stocks
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a modification that allows semiautomatic weapons to fire automatically something police say stephen product used with horrific consequences these types of modifications a currently legal but in a statement the n.r.a. say additional regulations and now needed senior republicans say they're willing to talk fully automatic weapons and demand for a long time apparently this allows you to take a semiautomatic turn in a fully automatic so clearly that's something we need to look into and people are just coming up to speed with what these things are and so that is something we're definitely going to look into. the n.r.a. statement and consequent republican backing is significant despite a spate of mass shootings in recent years talk of restrictions on gun control are extremely rare we certainly welcome that would like to be part of that conversation and we would like to see a clear understanding of the facts and we'd like to see input from the victims' families from law enforcement from policymakers and we're expecting to hear. another important fact finding efforts by now and we want to be part of that
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discussion we're certainly open to that moving forward democrats have long been clamoring for a chance to talk about new gun control laws now they may have the chance many would relish the opportunity to push things further and talk about limiting magazine capacities and increased background checks but that may prove too much for a publican's president some says banning bump stocks is now on the agenda for many people it's action not words that will make a difference and gallacher al-jazeera las vegas nevada. time for a short break here on al-jazeera when we come back more than two years after the pool's deadly earthquake survivors face fresh challenges with newly built homes plus. this boat is more than a presidential possession. of the high life. in central park new york coming up i'll tell you which president. i don't want to.
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welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia begin to cool off slightly kuwait might some of the thirty four degrees celsius is good news after the incredible heat we've had here over the summer long back that mia thirty three degrees across some of the stands of a bit of snow higher elevations temperatures struggling as you can see all of ten degrees around the eastern side of the mediterranean still looking pretty pleasant and we've got temperatures there in the upper twenty's for beirut fine conditions across much of turkey at the stage with i'm crossing a high of twenty four degrees into the arabian peninsula on the western side fine conditions temperatures in the upper thirty's there for both mecca and medina and as we head on the truth a lot of part of the weekend we'll see temperatures touching forty in mecca temperatures here. coming down a little bit the humidity is just beginning to deploy some of thirty six degrees celsius similar sorts temperatures for abu dhabi so heading across into africa in
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southern portions of the constant we've got some rain across more eastern areas might see one or two shows affecting zimbabwe certainly for eastern side of south africa mozambique the chance of the otherwise weather conditions looking very funny af to get up to northern parts of go to before you see any significant shower activity for much of zambia weather conditions also expect to be fine with a high of thirty one degrees in the soka. egypt is now china's biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo and wanted to see the pyramids in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders are now successful in business shifting and i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it began to expand al-jazeera well meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the united nations on your report on children and conflict a strongly criticized both sides in the war in yemen says the saudi led coalition and who the rebels were responsible for killing and maiming hundreds of children in yemen last year. spain's top coat has suspended a session of the council on politics local leaders are planning to the class a session during monday sitting regional parliament speaker has accused madrid of putting freedom of expression in danger. and u.s. president donald trump has again that used around of not living up to the spirit of the twenty fifty nuclear deal with ministrations expected to decertify the
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agreement next week saying it's not in the country's national interest it then goes back to congress review which will then decide on new economic sanctions on tehran . island as in the hurricane hit puerto rico are complaining to the u.s. government that they're not getting enough help to repair the enormous damage the u.s. vice president is heading to the u.s. territory later on friday she had her town see reports from congress mike pence is flying in just days after donald trump's controversial visit. like much of puerto rico south of san juan was suffering off to use of financial steroids the cutting of social services education pensions and drugs as the territory attempted to repay its debts much held by wall street bankers before despite what happened here again the people that we are attending were already in the crisis when we feel right now in pricing coming out of the ground zero of their houses and being more importantly what people already were starving people already were not having the medicine our
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not having many many kind of pension giovanni roberta founded a network of community kitchens around putting making the commodore a sociologist by resources such as food money and time to be plans to replace the dilution something doesn't cease maria these kitchens have been supplying more than food. for example here they really have been asked if they believe the medical assistance. of i don't. i cook dignity the center have a lot of people i know phil down we saw this week right there. on independence activist all scope as rivera was imprisoned for some thirty five years by the us here in puerto rico he's widely revered as one of the world's longest held political prisoners he says the community activism that's intensified off to maria is a springboard to put a ricotta do you call in eyes from the u.s. on developments fishing industry eco agriculture eco tourism and alternative energy
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on washington's not going to let you. know that that no i would say i was safe with my we will do it it will. go on from contention the puerto rican people simply waiting for government handouts couldn't be further from the truth i would rather go to reconstruct doing it no they just run the government through i don't know i did not really get that nobody has given these people. thank you thank you. trevor townsend al-jazeera helping. us quake survivors in the poor lost face in a new threat to rebuilding their lives homes newly built for them a sinking sabinus rest of reports from sindh district devastated by the massive earthquake which killed thousands two years ago from the air look sing for this doesn't look much different to others around here except for what appears to be an
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even patches of earth dug randomly villagers are experiencing a curious phenomena they found the earth splitting beneath their feet a month ago on your back to work out on the water the hardy aside of our shed slipped we had to move to a shed further up but even there we had to put stones on the legs of our bed because the ground had become an even. like most people here talk about his house was destroyed by an earthquake two years ago about nine thousand the parties were killed since then villagers have started to rebuild their homes with the help of a government grant for earthquake resistant houses after the two thousand and fifteen earthquake the government surveyors declared this village safe for a living people started rebuilding their houses but this is what has happened the foundations have started sinking into the ground. the family which used to live here has gone villagers don't know where to. they say they can hear rumbling noises
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at night as if a river is flowing underneath trees planted together have been separated by the earth shifted somewhat in a manner. mary says that even if she accepts a government grant for a permanent house there is nowhere safe to build a village representative says there has been a mass exodus everyone who can afford to move has left he's worried that government leaders and got my due might act too late for villagers left behind. me i've been to the earthquake reconstruction committee they told me to follow an application with the details of what's going on then they might send an expert we're concerned we've been thinking of the locating the villages ourselves but the problem is people ask what we eat our local village you they're not capable of handling the situation. that is leaders are overwhelmed and survivors of the earthquake are
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afraid and fear they're facing another natural disaster from mother earth. out to sea so in the district of. the armed group i saw says it planned a suicide bomb attack at a shia muslim shrine in pakistan at least twenty people died and twenty five wounded in the blast in a village in baluchistan province. un peacekeepers have lowered their flag in haiti thirteen years after entering the country to help it through political crisis and natural disasters the official peacekeeping mission will end later this month it will be replaced by a smaller force that will focus on strengthening the judicial system sean reports from the capital port au prince. symbolically ceremoniously the united nations stabilization mission said farewell to haiti it's a rifle thirteen years ago with a multinational force of hundreds of police and soldiers many good intentions.
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the work of the u.n. mission was very important for haiti helping us to adapt to modern realities on the ground. the blue helmeted soldiers and police are heading home of the u.n. hoping it's done enough to stabilize haiti. and building the peace an army pacifying lawless neighborhoods will heal the election process is and human rights but the you it is also left having to clean up a number of problems which it created a cholera epidemic caused by its own troops which killed more than nine thousand haitians. it was about time for them to go we are better off without them and we will be fine the u.n. was here for its own purposes not to help the most vulnerable haitians. i think things are getting worse in this country everything's more expensive and you cannot trust authorities to do anything things are so bad i think that only jesus can help . stabilize ation mission will be replaced the day after its mandate ends with
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a fifteen new smaller one thousand three hundred strong u.n. force that will work to improve haiti's judicial system. i'm very pessimistic for. future especially with the current administration which is not very interested in supporting human rights it's going to be up to the haitian society to stand up and ask for better. government efforts to raise taxes the rebuilding of that was regular protests from workers who can't afford to pay more and the suspicious of politicians corrupt and self-serving all those want jobs and investment in haiti's precarious infrastructure to haiti now being left largely to fend for itself which is what many here wanted all along the u.n. is an invading rather than a stabilizing force the test now whether the institution is being built up to cope with the challenges that lie ahead. haiti is the poorest country in the region a longtime victim of homegrown and foreign oppression and earthquakes many here
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feel it's time they stood proud and independent while others are anxious about the uncertainty that the departure of the u.n. mission will bring. one around port au prince now the peace prize will be awarded in just a few hours time the twenty sixteen award was given to colombian president one manual santos who helped end his country's decades long civil war but twelve months on and despite the agreement with rebels deep divisions remain. a reports when a razor thin majority of. part rebels a year ago many feared the treaty would collapse. no the referendum result was a humiliating defeat for president juan manuel santos and the millions of colombians who were hoping for a yes vote. surprise lifeline was drawn from norway. to have just been a bell peace prize for twenty six thousand two colombian president santos
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. peace negotiators say the price helped him overcome the shocking rebuttal was also a message from the international community in terms of the importance of saving lives of having a peaceful country it gave strength to force and renewed a process of negotiation lasted for forty days negotiators scrambled to make changes to the deal and sometimes forced the approval of congress but the damage was done famous colombian sculpture of. donated this white. port of the agreement he believed as many that the deal would have brought hope and enthusiasm to all colombians instead it left the country deeply divided and those divisions have not been men the right wing opposition senator says is fighting against the implementation because it grants impunity to the rebels you cannot
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force an agreement into a country. moreover when you told the people that the last words of the said women was in the plebiscite and the no one while firefighters have laid down their weapons and the number of our killings as falling to historic lows only a few aspects of the deal have been implemented. with the approval rating of president santos hovering around twenty percent and presidential elections seven months away the peace process remains fragile especially if the if the transitional justice system is not approved in the congress and starts operating the for the elections. the whole process of becoming tremendously politicize. the nobel peace prize reaffirmed international through quarter in one the president a place in history that the fate of peace in colombia will depend on what happens next starting with who takes over from the sun come election day next to me from the gate the aisle just you have
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a look there and the british author. has been awarded the nobel prize for literature as your guru was born in japan and is best known for his books the remains of the day and never let me go he received prize money for just over a million dollars and he collects the award in december a campaign to force out the president of togo is intensifying as thousands of protesters turned out in the capital loamy. demonstrators are calling for an end to the fifty year rule of the family they want to see a return of the nine hundred ninety two constitution that allowed two presidential terms. the japanese government's revealed why carmaker misandrous been forced to recall one point two million cars the transport ministry found unauthorized technicians were certifying cars factories the companies decided to recall all the cars it sold in japan in the past three years it will cost at least two hundred twenty million dollars now many americans look back fondly on the era of
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j.f.k. it's one hundred years since president kennedy was born and some of his belongings from the white house are up for auction christian salumi takes a peek into his family's glamorous lifestyle before he was assassinated. they were an american version of a royal family john f. kennedy with his wife jackie and their two young children were the symbol of a nation's vibrancy the kennedy era now remembered fondly as camelot camelot was the term used to describe a lot of the joy of life that seemed to come with the kennedy family somehow the kennedys sort of rolled with the punches so to speak and dealt with it in an elegant intelligent fashion and a much beloved now from j.f.k. flight jacket to jackie o's lace veil a new york auction house is hoping to capitalize on what at least appears to have
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been a simpler time a time when the country was more united perhaps never so united as in grief after the young president's assassination in one thousand nine hundred sixty three the auction includes two swords that hung above the president's casket in the white house and the lace veil strikingly similar to one the first lady wore to her husband's funeral and a meeting with the pope. having come directly from her secretary it's sort of impossible to know was this could she have had a second one you don't really know that so we're taking the cautious view and saying you know it could well be that one but we can't say conclusively but with the president speedboat swim trunks and cigars also available the auction house is betting bidders will pay big for their own piece of camelot christian salumi al-jazeera new york.
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remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera the united nations annual report on children and conflict strongly criticized both sides in the war in yemen places saudi arabia and its allies on the list of countries that kill and maim children in conflicts at the same time the report admits the coalition has taken action to improve child protection spain's top court has suspended a session of the council on parliament and local leaders are planning to declare secession during monday's sitting regional parliament speaker has accused the central government in madrid of putting freedom of expression in danger u.s. president donald trump has again accused iran of not living up to the spirit of the twenty fifty nuclear deal the trump administration is expected to decertify the agreement next week saying it's not in the interest of national security from military leaders at the white house to discuss the deal. we must not allow iran to attain to obtain nuclear weapons the iranian regime supports terrorism and
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exports violence bloodshed and chaos across the middle east that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement. iraqi forces have captured the town of how we and the surrounding area it was i still the last stronghold in northern iraq the military says some fighting is still going on to the north and east of the town where i still is surrounded with the capture of a wager the only area that remains under ice for control in iraq is a stretch along the western border with syria. hundreds of people have gathered in las vegas to remember a police officer who was killed in sunday's shooting at a country music festival. thirty four year old charleston hartsfield was off duty
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during the incident he was among fifty eight victims of. the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after risking it all down so much. in mining companies heading to australia to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic but now or an ecological disaster. at this time when i visit.


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